How to earn free leaf tickets for Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

How to earn free leaf tickets for Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Recently Nintendo’s Animal Crossing Pocket Camp mobile game has introduced lots of items, which requires leaf tickets. In this post I will tell you more on how to earn free leaf tickets for Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

How to earn free leaf tickets for Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

How to earn free leaf tickets for Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

If you are familiar with the mobile game of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, you are aware of the recent changes of Pocket Camp, for example the Mario event which required a lot of leaf tickets. Nintendo gives us some free leaf tickets during events or as a log-in bonus, but unfortunately it’s not enough to cover all the items. The special characters like Celeste, Brewster and Digby each costs 350 leaf tickets. Several cute camp site themes are available, like the under water or birch tree theme, which costs quite a lot of leaf tickets as well, when you want to get the complete set.

Next to that Nintendo introduced the fortune cookies, the so called loot boxes, which costs 50 leaf tickets per cookie. I have to admit, I have trouble getting the amount of leaf tickets myself and I actually refuse to spend hundreds of euro’s on the leaf tickets, simply because Pocket Camp is a mobile game. So in the past few weeks I have been looking for other options to earn free leaf tickets.

There are 2 websites and 1 app, which I use:

  • Quick Thoughts
  • InstaGC
  • PrizeRebel

On the sites and app you enter surveys, which they reward you for iTunes cards or Paypal vouchers. I will be explaining the methods one by one below. Since I am in living in The Netherlands, I will tell you the things from my own experience. Depending on your location, you might come across different rewards and currencies. I apologize for this in advance.

Quick Thoughts

How to earn free leaf tickets for Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

The first method I am going to explain is the app QuickThoughts. This is a survey app, which you can install on your smartphone. With QuickThoughts the surveys show up randomly and the goal is to enter surveys until you reach € 10 euros. As I am writing this blog, I have been doing surveys with Quick Thoughts for less than two weeks. I earned two times a € 10 euro iTunes gift card, so this app is valid! You might sometimes need to have some patience, since on some days not a lot of surveys show up or they don’t apply to you, but that happens.

How to earn free leaf tickets for Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Just be patient, as I got in total € 20 euros by doing surveys with the QuickThoughts app, which I think is nice. So far I got myself 200 Leaf Tickets with the first iTunes card. I am saving the second iTunes card, so I can get a bigger leaf tickets package. You can find the QuickThoughts app via your iTunes or Google App store.


Onto the second method, which is the survey website InstaGC. This survey website looks a bit confusing at first I must admit, but I think it works pretty nice once you get the hang of it. I usually do the surveys which are under Earn > Surveys. Secondly there are more surveys under Earn > Recommended. I usually do the surveys of Peanut Lab and, there is also a daily survey under the section InstaGC. Some of the other providers has some interesting stuff as well, but these 3 I just mentioned I use the most. When you follow InstaGC on their Twitter, they also give out booster codes, which you can redeem for extra points.

How to earn free leaf tickets for Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

By doing surveys on InstaGC you don’t get any iTunes card, so you do need a Paypal account, to get the reward. I have been using InstaGC less than a week and in total I got 1800 points, which is $18 dollar. I haven’t redeemed it yet to my Paypal, because I want to save some more points. By the way the payout of InstaGC is very low, when you reach 100 points, you can already redeem it, but that is only $1.

You can sign up for InstaGC here.


At last but not least, I want to write about the third method, which is the survey website PrizeRebel. This survey site is similar to InstaGC, you have daily surveys and also Peanut Lab and surveys. With PrizeRebel you can also earn unlimited points by watching videos under Earn > EngageMe Videos. Of course you do not need to actually watch them, I let the videos autoplay and leave the window open at the background and meanwhile I do other stuff.

How to earn free leaf tickets for Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

When you reach 500 points, you can redeem a $5 Paypal voucher, which I just redeemed yesterday within using PrizeRebel for 1 day only. Furthermore when you follow PrizeRebel on Twitter, they also give you promo codes to get extra points.

Click here to sign up for PrizeRebel.


With the 3 survey sites/app I just mentioned above, you can earn money quickly, to either buy leaf tickets or do other things. All the 3 survey apps are valid and I just want to share the tips with you. No one is paying me for writing this blog, just so that you know.

I think by entering surveys is a great way to get iTunes card or Paypal money. You can use it to buy leaf tickets, without to actually spend your own money. This helps since the leaf tickets packages aren’t cheap. In each country the leaf ticket packages differ from price because of the currency differences, so depending on where you live, you will see other amounts than mentioned above.

I do enjoy Pocket Camp, but unfortunately they require more and more leaf tickets, so this is a good alternative to get extra leaf tickets. Hopefully the information on this blog is helpful to you. If you have any questions, please let me know by leaving a comment below. Or you can reach out to me on my ACPC Twitter account: AC_Cronut.

Thank you for reading! Check out my other media related blog posts here.

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