Red Sparrow movie review

Red Sparrow movie review

A new spy thriller movie is out now with Jennifer Lawrence as the leading actress, in this post you can read about the Red Sparrow movie review.

Red Sparrow movie review

Red Sparrow movie review

Dominika is a famous ballet dancer who takes care of her ill mother. In a park we see the CIA agent Nate Nash, who meets up with Marble, a Russian mole. The police suddenly appears, but Marble escapes. Unfortunately, due to an incident Dominika cannot continue to dance.

Red Sparrow movie review

Since Dominika still needs to take care of her mum, her uncle Ivan asks her to meet up with Dimitry Ustinov. The meeting doesn’t go as planned and Dominika is taken to Ivan. He offers Dominika to work for the Russian intelligence, if she refuses, she will be executed. This gives Dominika no choice, but to join the Sparrow training. At this school she learns to seduce her targets as a Russian operative. Dominika does it well and she goes to Budapest for an assignment. She needs to get close to Nate, in order to get the name of Marble. Will Dominika find out who Marble is and get her life back?

My thoughts on Red Sparrow

Red Sparrow movie review

First of all, this movie is very intense and brutal. there are quite some scenes where I looked away.

Secondly, the actors has done a great job. Jennifer Lawrence is doing a great job as the leading actress, I quite like her together with Joel Edgerton, who plays Nate. Matthias Schoenaerts plays the role of Ivan and is the creepy uncle. Charlotte Rampling has a small role at the Sparrow school, which is a shame, I wish I could see more of her.

At last but not least, the story itself is very good. I really like the story and the ending. However some scenes are very gruesome and disturbing, so this movie is definitely not for everyone.

Red Sparrow is a spy movie with a twist. The movie is a like violent puzzle, you never know what to expect. If you like spy thrillers and don’t mind gruesome scenes, go and watch Red Sparrow!



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