Unboxing the Kizuna Lifestyle Sakura Cherry Blossom Box

Unboxing the Kizuna Lifestyle Sakura Cherry Blossom Box

Today I got my first Kizuna Lifestyle Sakura Cherry Blossom Box. I am a fan of sakura and could not resist ordering this. In this post I will tell you about Unboxing the Kizuna Lifestyle Sakura Cherry Blossom Box.

Unboxing the Kizuna Lifestyle Sakura Cherry Blossom Box

Unboxing the Kizuna Lifestyle Sakura Cherry Blossom Box

I love cherry blossoms and the cherry blossom trees are now full in bloom. The Kizuna Box is a Japanese subscription box. They aim to connect you with Japan through carefully selected 100% made-in-Japan lifestyle items and limited edition snacks. Each month they ship the boxes from the heart of Tokyo. There are two types of  Kizuna Box available: a Lifestyle subscription box and a Snack subscription box. So here it is the Sakura Cherry Blossom box of April 2018! Don’t scroll down if you don’t want to see any spoilers!

Sakura Cherry Blossom Box

To be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect of the box. I am actually not too fond of surprises myself and usually want to know what I order, but since I love sakura, this can’t go wrong. The package comes in a brown paper wrapping and when I open the package I find the brown Kizuna box. There is a pretty sticker across the box saying “Kizuna Box Deliver Japan To Your Door”. When I open the box, there is a sticker under the lid of the box saying “Kizuna Box – Sakura Box”.

Unboxing the Kizuna Lifestyle Sakura Cherry Blossom Box

Let’s take a look at the inside of the box. The contents of the box is securely wrapped in a piece of tissue paper and held together with a Kizuna Box sticker. Underneath the tissue paper you can see the leaflet of the Kizuna Box. I decide to put the leaflet aside and open the contents of the box.

Inside of the Sakura Cherry Blossom Box

*Spoilers ahead, last warning, only scroll down if you want to see the contents of the box!*

There are two ceramic items in this box. The first ceramic item is a beautiful black Sakura plate, covered with Yozakura, which means night cherry blossom. Yozakura also means viewing sakura at night. This plate reflects that perfectly with the white and pink cherry blossoms on it. Luckily the leaflet says that the plate is dishwasher safe.

Ceramic Sakura Plate

Onto the second ceramic item, which is a pink Sakura Yunomi teacup. It is a white teacup with beautiful pink petals and white cherry blossoms on it. I am in love with this teacup! The teacup is also dishwasher safe.

Ceramic Sakura Yunomi Teacup

Additionally there is a Lacquered Sakura tray. The tray is black with a bunch of pink sakura blossoms and petals on it. You can use the tray to put both of the ceramic items on it. The plate is handwash only.

Ceramic plate teacup and tray

So these are the first three items of the Kizuna Sakura Box and I am so happy with it!

Ceramic plate teacup and tray

Sakura snacks

Furthermore there are two types of snacks in this box. The first one is Sakura tea. It is a big pink envelope which has a red string on top.

Sakura tea

When you remove the string and fold the envelope open, you will find a plastic bag with pink flowers. I actually am surprised, I have never seen anything like this before. You can put one flower in a cup and add water to it. Rinse the flower petal first and drain it, then add hot water to the cup. Once the flower opens, you can drink the tea. This is very interesting!

Sakura snacks

Secondly there are 3 pieces of Sakura cookies in the box. The cookies has a sakura flavor and has the shape of an actual sakura petal. You can have a sakura cookie along with the sakura tea.

Sakura stationary and more

Furthermore the box consists of two pieces of stationary. The first one is a mini Sakura letter set. There are two designs: a sleeping cat or a sitting dog and I have the letter set with the dog. Since I am from the Chinese zodiac Dog year, this set fits me perfectly. The letter set has white papers with a dog and sakura print, and pink envelopes with white sakura print. It is a small letter set, but nonetheless it is very lovely.

Sakura letter set

At the back you will find a sleeping dog and it’s just so cute awww!

Sakura letter set

The second stationary item is a post card with Sakura and a Sleeping cat. The card is very pretty with lots of cherry blossoms and the sleeping cat is too cute! Kawaii!

Sakura stationery

At last but not least, onto the last item of the Sakura Box. This item is a pink Sakura Furoshiki. It is a pink Japanese wrapping cloth and you can use this to wrap gifts, clothes and your bento box. You can bring your Furoshiki to a hanami party and use it as a lunch mat as well.

My thoughts on the Sakura Box

Well I am in love with this Sakura Box to be honest. The Sakura box has 8 beautiful Sakura items in it and it is perfect for a Sakura lover like me. Everything is wrapped carefully and I really like the leaflet which describes every item in detail. The ceramic plate and teacup is divine and makes me very excited!

Kizuna Lifestyle Sakura Cherry Blossom Box

I do have to mention one thing though. When you place a subscription, you will not receive any e-mail from Kizuna, except from a Paypal e-mail, saying that you have set an automatic payment profile. I wish that there would be an additional e-mail saying that the subscription went well. When they ship out the box you will get an e-mail with tracking information, but that doesn’t come immediately after you have placed the subscription. You can stop the automatic payment of Paypal anytime though, so you don’t need to worry about that.

Kizuna Lifestyle Sakura Cherry Blossom Box

I am so grateful for this beautiful Kizuna Lifestyle Sakura Cherry Blossom Box and I would like to say thumbs up! Arigato! You can subscribe to the Kizuna box here.

Note that Kizuna Box ships worldwide, which is a big plus! Sometimes they add Past boxes to their webshop. So for now you cannot order the Sakura box anymore, but it might be coming back in the future. I suggest you to keep an eye on it via this link.

What are your thoughts of the Kizuna Lifestyle Sakura Cherry Blossom Box? Leave a comment below!

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